Website: Community of Realized Empowerment

Client: Communnity of Realized Empowerment (CORE), aka A CORE Space

CORE was founded by an energy coach and meant to leverage coaching as a way to build community of individuals and organizations that support the empowerment of others. Although unforeseen circumstances led to the business closure before it had a chance to fully develop, while alive, it was a source that helped connect folks whose work elevated the collective consciousness. It was founded on a holistic approach to wellness the interconnectedness of the self and complex facets of our lives.

Copywriter & Designer: Julie A. Downey
Wrote all copy for website, including mission statement and e-commerce pages, created sitemap, and populated all pages in GoDaddy content management system

Objective: Educate the public about the concept of energy coaching, breaking down technical information in a conversational manner, present lead coach and business owner as personable, compassionate and energetic; guide site visitors along buyer journey with calls to action, free offerings and paid packages, invite like-minded individuals and organizations to collaborate