Silver Sneakers Video Concepts

Agency: redpepper
Writer: Julie Downey
Art Director: Katie Straughn

Video Creative Brief
SilverSneakers has a proven track record of its ability to motivate members to take actions that improve their overall well-being and lead to a greater sense of joy and fulfillment.

Get people who think of SilverSneakers as just a gym membership
To see SilverSneakers as a “virtual companion” that guides seniors
down a pathway to a happier, healthier more connected* life
By showing how SilverSneakers empowers members to consistently engage in behaviors that improve their overall physical and mental well-being

Connection: Video Concept 01

In this spot, we show mirrored images of two women in their respective living rooms, taking the same SilverSneakers yoga class online. We follow the pair from a post-practice Zoom breakout chat to the gym. We then add two men to the mix, and show how each healthy SilverSneakers interaction strengthens their personal ties. The story culminates with a dinner party attended by all four characters. A childlike excitement drives the mood, and the viewer empathizes with the relatable joy of making new friends.

Transformation: Video Concept 02

We follow the story of a woman who starts out having a low energy morning, and is unable to walk her dog. She shows us the powerful, physical and emotional impact of ordinary moments and actions. We witness the transformative journey as she participates in SilverSneakers with small activities and healthy routines that increase strength, mobility, and flexibility, and expand her social circle. We are uplifted by her restored confidence, and the joyfulness when she meets her new community in real life. We are also touched by the relationship with her dog, as SilverSneakers has given her the tools to fully care for him and enjoy his company.

Empowerment: Video Concept 03

This spot opens with a montage depicting the vibrant lives of SilverSneakers members as a result of participation in the program. We juxtapose each image with a statement that challenges beliefs about their capabilities. Ex. "Who says I can't keep up with the kids?" is paired with a senior texting with emojis. "Who says I can't stand for the encore?" is paired with a man onstage with a guitar, audience giving a standing ovation. "Who says I'm not up for dancing?" is paired with a woman twirling on a dance floor. We then show how SilverSneakers is the reason they are able to do these activities with images of members making choices every day to exercise, take enrichment classes, eat healthy, and socialize, both online and in person. Each visual moment is paired with a VO of a senior daring others to underestimate them. Ex. "I can make small changes." "I can meet new people." "I can learn new things."