Why Sage ERP X3?

Articles written by Julie A. Downey
When Sage ERP X3 Version 7 was first introduced, MicroAccounting made sure to become acquainted with the update. We liked it so much we devoted a blog to each of the top seven reasons we recommend the solution to our mid-market clients. Series Overview

Why Sage ERP X3 Version 7: Expansion

Is your business bursting at the seams and ready to move into new markets? Perhaps you have your eye on a distributing partner in the UK, or you’re thinking of spanning your reach across a half dozen states to service a new region of the US. Or, maybe you’ve got a new product that’s gotten wildly popular and you are fulfilling demands at a new set of retail chains... No matter where you’re looking to go, when it’s time to grow, it’s important to ensure the systems in place can handle anticipated needs.