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Hurricane Harvey Relief & Recovery: Guide for Giving Time & Money

written by Julie Downey "It’s been two weeks since Hurricane Harvey initially wreaked havoc on the greater Houston area, southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. Now we face the blows of Irma in the Caribbean and the southeastern United States. These are scary times. Thanks to caring people showing up with generous gifts of time, heart, and financial resources, it’s hard not to focus on the beauty of humanity. Let’s not live in that glow of celebration, though. We have more work to do! Let’s get down to business..."

Why Sage ERP X3 Version 7: Responsiveness

This is part of a 7-article series, "Why Sage ERP X3 V7?" by Julie Downey The Power of Responsiveness “Nope. No response. He said he’d get back to me when he had the quote, but it’s been two days. The new company’s rep gave me numbers right away. I’ve liked our relationship with the long-time vendor, but they are just too slow. We won’t remain profitable at that pace. We’re going to have to take our business elsewhere.” This could be a sad but true tale for businesses that can’t keep up with the competition. Even your most communicative sales person is only as effective as the timeliness of his or her responses to requests. Access to data on the spot is simply a necessity, and we think Sage X3 version 7 is just the tool to be the early bird who gets that worm instead of the one starving on the fringes of dropped crumbs. The ability to be responsive and forward thinking consultants leverages not only intelligence, but also relies on other features that we’ve highlighted in previous blogs, specifically usability and mobility...

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